Flawless Airbrush Tans - Preparation & Aftercare
Flawless - Airbrush Tans
Preparation & Aftercare

For the optimal sunless tanning experience make sure you followInfinity Sun's recommendations for preparation and aftercare.  This will ensure you obtain the best results possible from your Flawless experience.


• Shower
• Shave - shaving and waxing should be performed 8 hours before your scheduled tan
• Exfoliate skin with Flawless' non-abrasive body polisher by Infinity Sun.  Only use an abrasive exfoliant up to 3 days prior to your session as this will create abrasions that will interfere with the evenness of the application.  Starting a UV-free session with freshly rejuvenated, exfoliated skin not only delivers the best tanning results, but also prevents uneven fading
• Do not wear lotion
• Do not wear deodorant
• Do not wear makeup if you wish to have color on your face
• Remove jewelry
• Tie long hair up away from face and neck
• Wear dark, loose clothing
• Ask your technician to indulge your skin in Flawless' pH Balance Normalization    Treatment by Infinity Sun before your sunless application


• While your tan is developing, wear dark, loose-fitting clothing for about 7 hours
• It is strongly recommended waiting until the next day to shower.  If you must shower, you need to wait at least 9 hours
• Use a gel based, moisturizing soap (not bar soap) when showering/bathing
• Use only new razors to gently shave your skin to avoid stripping the newly tanned skin
• When drying off, gently pat your skin dry
• Do not sweat until after your first shower
• Do not swim, bathe or moisturize until after your first shower
• Avoid exfoliating skin or products that exfoliate the skin such as AHA, BHA, anti-aging products, etc.
• Use Flawless' Extend or Extend + Shimmer by Infinity Sun to keep skin hydrated, smooth and make your tan last longer
• Use Flawless' Glow on the Go by Infinity Sun to touch up your face and other areas between airbrush sessions
• Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!


• Acne products
• AHA, Alpha Hydroxy Acids
• BHA, Beta Hydroxy Acids
• Salicylic Acids
• Anti-aging products
• Retin-A
• Body hair bleach, depilatory hair removals
• Curel lotion. Dove soap/shower gel
• Deodorant soaps
• Facial masks and exfoliating scrubs
• Makeup remover
• Toners containing alcohol or which hazel
• Use of a loofah, scrub mitt, etc. for daily washing
• Wax hair remover

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How does sunless tanning work?

A:  Flawless' sunless tanning solution by Infinity Sun is a special blend of DHA, bronzers, nourishing moisturizers, humectants and aloe that give your skin a smooth and healthy bronze glow that continues to deepen throughout the day.

Q:  What is DHA?

A:  Dihydroxyacetone, more commonly known as DHA, is a vegetable derivative that, when airbrushed onto the body, reacts with the proteins in the top layers of skin to produce a natral-looking tan within 2-6 hours after it's applied.

Q:  What do I wear?

A:  If you choose to wear a bathing suit or a garment of your preference, please make sure it is dark-colored.  Women have the option of airbrushing nude however, men need to be appropriately covered.  Infinity Sun's solution washes out of most clothing very easily but please be advised that it can stain wool, silk, light nylon and other light synthetic materials.  Please remember to wear dark-colored, loose-fitting clothing immediately after tanning.  We also recommend wearing flip-flops if you must put something on your feet.